We exist to serve our client’s best interests.

The client’s “best interests” may be defined as, “an orderly, predictable and efficient construction experience culminating in a valuable, defect free, warrantable project delivered honestly in a client centered manner.”

Our reputation has been built over 34 years of diligence, service and experience.  We strive to enhance our professional reputation every working day.

While our contractual warranty lasts a year, our attachment to our clients and their needs lasts a lifetime.

The client, architect, and builder function best as a team.  We pride ourselves on being team players.

Our job is often to create ‘living art’.  Our responsibility is to do so with known cost and scheduling expectations.  Given enough time and money, anyone can eventually build a custom home.  Dembergh Construction Wyoming, Inc strives to maximize savings of both time and money, while providing the client with a classic home.

Our Construction Management System is geared to work for projects of all sizes including vacation cabins, guesthouses, estate compounds, custom remodels, commercial, and retail projects.


Dembergh Construction Wyoming, Inc. utilizes an integrated, computerized system to bid, schedule, and account for its clients’ projects.

Having created a mountain realm custom database populated with current prices, we provide accurate cost estimating services from preliminary plans onward, in a timely, organized manner.  Such cost forecasting and best value engineering often help the client and architect balance project design and cost.


Dembergh Construction Wyoming, Inc. often works directly with our clients and their architects to provide design support, utilizing the most appropriate design detailing, product sources, and artisan support available.


Dembergh Construction Wyoming, Inc.’s function is to provide the best professional services available to our clients and to provide these services in a competent, organized manner.


Dembergh Construction Wyoming, Inc. remains committed to using the latest, most cost efficient structural components combined with select, natural materials to create safe, durable, environmentally friendly structures.

We are committed to identifying, and implementing emerging “best practice” sustainable materials, high performance energy saving systems to reduce both upfront building costs and to achieve long term, lifespan building systems efficiencies.

Our experience leads us to seek, secure and deploy ever-refined techniques to enhance our client’s investment, while delivering beautiful, seamless and precise workmanship.


Our reputation is simply, everything.  Only constant, caring, disciplined hard work on our client’s behalf suffices to preserve and enhance our reputation.  The first thing that usually strikes potential clients on a Dembergh home tour is our quality finish work and the warmth of our completed homes.

Surrounded by the beautiful natural settings of our homes, clients are drawn inward to the artfully rendered finishes, the blending of natural materials—wood, stone, iron, and hand finished color, texture and sheen.


The best in quality, custom building services, plus:

  • Accurate, detailed estimating
  • Accurate, detailed scheduling, move in-dates etc.
  • Accurate, detailed accounting, job cost reports, lien releases, files, etc.
  • Friendly, cooperative crews operating in a clean, safe and efficient job site
  • Well-trained and well-equipped professional carpenters and supervisors
  • Client centered, good-natured, on task, can-do “esprit de corps”


We provide an unconditional one-year warranty on all aspects of construction.  Furthermore, we are always “there”, available and happy to aid or assist our clients should a problem occur down the line.

We pride ourselves in an ongoing loyalty to our clients, able and willing to assure that their homes always receive professional care.

Dembergh Construction Wyoming is a “Golden Rule” company.